Our company manufactures soft drinks and syrups since 1898. The company was founded by Rudolf Novák and his brother as a part of their restaurant in Benátky nad Jizerou. That time the first manufacturers of carbonated drinks were just some innkeepers, who managed to bring this new product, coming from France, to the countries of Austro-Hungarian crown. Mr. Rudolf Novák made this product until 1946, when he sold the company to the Horák family, which at that time operated a beer bottling company in Benátky nad Jizerou.

The new owners have made the reconstruction of the equipment and expanded the company by bottling beer. The suppliers of beer were that time Podkováň and Malý Rohozec breweries. Unfortunately, efforts of the Horák family came to naught in 1948 as the company was socialized and lately nationalized. From that date the owners had changed several times, in seventies of the 20th century the reconstruction of the process equipment has been made. At that time there was still in command of the company the former owner, Mr. Horák. After a ten-year period there came in November 1989 the Velvet Revolution and in 1991 the family of Horák’s  again got possession, and - as in 1946 – managed to keep the company running and started the reconstruction of the existing facilities. In the years to come the company has been equipped with new modern technologies including the PET bottling process.

Do you know, why this regional producer survives in the presence of a newly built giant soft-drink factories? The answer is simple. In 1898 the owners already knew, that the area around Benátky nad Jizerou is located above the drinking water of high quality, suitable for the production of carbonated and currently non-carbonated beverages, too. This base material has been preserved for today's production of soft drinks by underground impermeable bedrock. Our company uses this basic material for production in an unwashed state and without filtration. For your clients and customers is important the information, that this water contains alkaline minerals with up to 700 mg / liter.

For over 21 years’ production of soft-drinks, family Horák expanded the range to 65 kinds of products, which are supplied in PET bottles of 0.5 l, 1.5 l, 2.0 l and 18.9 l.